Jeff Lake

Jeff Lake

Appears in 55 Episodes

Dead Until Dark: Chapters 4-8

Relationship politics and graveyard sex

Living Dead in Dallas: Chapters 6-8

Why you should never go into a church dungeon

Club Dead: Chapters 6-10

An intermission to dispose of a body, then back to the club!

Dead to the World: Prologue-Chapter 5

Sookie stays out of trouble for almost one full evening

Dead to the World: Chapters 6-10

The older the fangs, the sweeter the bang(s)

Dead as a Doornail: Chapters 6-10

Treacherous were-politics and burning kitchens

Definitely Dead: Chapters 8-16

Werewolf attacks, vampire attacks, and vampire werewolf attacks

Definitely Dead: Chapters 17-23

Is the second date too soon to get abducted?

All Together Dead: Chapters 1-8

In which everybody tells Sookie not to do something, and she does the thing

From Dead To Worse: Chapters 1-6

Weddings, wars, and mysterious strangers

Dead and Gone: Chapters 1-6

Why did the werepanther cross the parking lot?

Dead and Gone: Chapters 7-12

This fairy stuff is getting out of control